Architectural Interests and Intellectual Inspiration


Stewart Brand (United States) Scholar and author. "How Buildings Learn"

James Marston Fitch (United States) Architect, preservationist, scholar, author. Co-founder: historic preservation graduate program at Columbia University

J.B. Jackson (France) "The Necessity of Ruins"

Richard Louv (United States) "The Nature Principle: Human Restoration and the End of Nature-Deficit Disorder."

Film "Biophilic Design: The Architecture of Life"



Kisho Noriaki Kurokawa. (Japan) Metabolist - organic architecture on a cellular level

Frie Otto. (Germany) Tensile architecture - organic architecture on a membranic level

Antoni y Gaudi Cornet. (Spain) Organic architecture - using extractions from the human form

Frank Lloyd Wright. (United States) Organic architecture - synthesis with surrounding environment

Dr. Thomas Story Kirkbride (United States) Developed architecture to facilitate the return of patients in insane asylums to society during the late 19th century

Jean Nouvel (France) Organic Architecture - synthesis with environment and amplification of natural light through design

Bjarke Ingels (Denmark) 

Landscape Design Interests

Vespertine (Nocturnal) Gardens

Symbolism and design elements embedded in Islamic and Japanese gardens

Therapeutic Landscapes for mental and terminal illnesses

   a) Analysis of Van Gogh's Iris series during his incarceration at St. Remy asylum

   b) Healing gardens for patients with mental and terminal illnesses

   c) Using gardens to offset nature deficit disorder


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