2018 Feature Article: Edible Western New York, Summer issue. Richardson Olmsted Campus: Holistic Architecture, a therapeutic landscape and historic garden revived

2017 Feature Article: Edible Western New York  Japanese Gardens. Winter Landscapes for Mind, Body and Soul  

2016 Article: 6sqft (City Realty) Stapleton: A Staten Island Navy base built to house nucelar weapons during the Cold War

2016 Article: 6sqft (City Realty) Minimalist black guest house by Studio Padron keeps Upstate New York elightended in style

2016 Article: 6sqft (City Realty) Before Repeal Day ended prohibition in 1933: Speakeasies and medicinal whiskey were all the rage

2016 Article: 6sqft (City Realty) The 1864 Presidential election and the thwarted plot to burn New York City

2016 Article: 6sqft (City Realty) Rene Lalique's windows saved this Fifth Avenue building from Destruction in the 1980s

2016 Article: 6sqft (City Realty) Star Power: Celestial Ceilings and Zodiac Symbols in New york Architecture

2016 Article: 6sqft (City Realty) Diego River's Psychedelic Mural in Rockefeller Center was Destroyed before it was finished in 1934

2016 Article: 6sqft (City Realty) Could Bjarke Ingels' Floating Shipping Containers Work for Student Housing in NYC?

2016 Article: Buffalo Rising. Social Commentary: Orlando, Rainbows and the Fragility of LIfe

2016 Article: Buffalo Rising. Flowers as a Medium for Creativity and Urban Health

2016  Article: Buffalo Rising. Social Issues: Holiday Themed Bagels Land in Dumpster

2016 Article: Buffalo Rising. Erie Railway: Connecting Buffalo and New York City in the 1800s

2016  Article: Buffalo Rising. Strength, Eternal Life and the Urban Discource of Niagara Square

2016  Article: Buffalo Rising. Chow Chow and Absinthe on Vintage Menus of Buffalo

2016  Article: Centre for Urban Health and Mental Health. Applying Eastern Medicinal Concepts in Urban Design for Mental Health 

2015  Hardcover book. Vietnam 1967-1968: The Lost Slides. Publication date forthcoming

2015  Photo: Black Rock and Riverside Garen Walk. Annual art competition winner

2014  New York University Minetta Review, Fall 2013 Contributing artist.Title: Hallway to Questionable Judgement, page 77

2013  New York University Minetta Review, Illuminated. Spring 2013.Contributing artist. Two images selected for publication. Pages 39 and 91

2013  New York University Minetta Review, Re-Awakening. Fall 2012.Contributing artist. Title: Newark NJ, page 40

2012  OpEd: Celebrate Earth Day with Green Living, Montclair, New Jersey

2012  OpEd: Spring Emerges with Patrick Blanc's Vertical Horticulture at Annual Orchard Show in NYC

2012  New York University Minetta Review, Spring 2012. Contributing artist. page 28 + 44

2012  Pratt Institute, Brooklyn NY. February 1, 2012 - April 6 2012

           Hosted in Brooklyn Campus Library Self Promotion. Creating Brand You

           Category: Non-traditional - Paint Chip art for window displays

2011   Artist spotlight article Finding New Inspiration in Old Paint Chips, Montclair, New Jersey

2011   Article: Summit, NJ Patch. Holistic Health and its Symbiotic Relationship to Seasonal Changes

2010   Historic Preservation and the Livable Cityby Eric Wm. Allison & Lauren Peters

            Hardcover book, published Dec 2010. Contributing Photographer, NYC images

2009   New York University, Gallatin Photo Club Spring show. Participating artist

2009   New York University, Ghana Literacy Project. Participating artist for international fundraising campaign

2008   Article: An Interview with Jill Enfield: Working with Historical Processes under New Conditions 

            Originally written for NYU: ISO Magazine. Reprinted 2011

2008   New York University, Journal of Global Affairs. Contributing photographer 

2004   DJ Times Magazine. Front cover & interview images with Sasha (photo assistant for Rahav Segev)

2003   Globe Trekker, Pilot Guides. Photo essay of Bali, Indonesia

2001  Mid & Lower Cape Cod: A Photographic Portrait. Hard cover book. Contributing photographer


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