Flowers, Gardens and Urban Health [page in progress]


  • Flowers as a Medium for Creativity and Urban Health [link]
  • Applying Eastern Medicine Concepts to Urban Design for Mental Health [link]
  • OpEd: Spring Emerges with Patrick Blanc's Vertical Gardens [link]
  • Flowers of Lunacy: A Contemporary Analysis of the Relationship between Nature and Mental Health [Columbia University in the City of New York, Graduate Research]



  • Scholarly Research: Urban Design for Mental Health Organization, London
  • Black Rock Urban Garden, Buffalo, New York 
  • Lunar Garden in Buffalo, New York
  • Healing Community Garden, Bushwick, Brooklyn, New York [analysis, design and outcome research]
  • Brooklyn Greenway Initiative, Red Hook, Brooklyn, New York [graduate analysis of plausibility and impact of green space on under utilized urban area]



  • Patrick Blanc, French Botanist focused on Vertical Garden design
  • Naomi Sachs, Founder and Director Therapeutic Landscapes Network


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